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Quality Policy - GUMAPLAST VP

At GUMAPLAST VP, we are committed to continuously improving our quality and safety policy. The launch of the Quality Plan reflects our commitment to continue to offer the best products to our customers based on strategic principles:

  • detailed identification of the requirements, needs and expectations of the customers, by presenting the relevant normative regulations and the organization's available capabilities regarding the fulfillment of the requirements, with a tendency of market expansion
  • in the process of providing services strictly comply with current legislations, standards and adopted norms, ensuring that safety and quality are according to the highest European standards for the user / client, allowing the user insight into the work processes with continuous quality evaluation;
  • establishing an appropriate value system that meets the needs and expectations of employees while motivating them;
  • planning the provision of highly qualified personnel and continuous employee trainings;
  • procurement of modern working equipment as well as quality maintenance of the existing one;
  • developing a quality management system (QMS) in line with the organization's strategic goals and global trends;
  • developing environmental awareness among employees as well as awareness of the importance of environmental management.

Our commitment to a continuous improvement and enhancement of the quality management system in the production of radial shaft seals, cuffs and other rubber-technical products is an imperative in defining the quality policy of our society.

This kind of approach, with an orientation towards customers, employees and the community at large, increases the efficiency of our business. As a result of this way of doing business, we improve the quality of our productive processes, the quality of life of our employees and relevant stakeholders, and increase the value of our business organization.

Respectively, the management has opted for the establishment and implementation of the quality management system ISO 9001: 2015 and its continuous improvement, taking on a leadership role, while at the same time expecting all employees to make a proactive and creative contribution within the limits of their powers, responsibilities and abilities.

Quality certificates

sertifikat ISO 9001:2015