Ring Seals


O-rings are closed circular rings of circular cross-section. They are made through vulcanisation from form tools as a complete ring.
O-rings are used predominantly for sealing non-moving machine and system components (static application) and media in liquid and gas form, e.g. flange and cover seals, threaded tube connections and the cylinder head and cylinder bottom for hydraulic cylinders. Under certain conditions it is also possible to use O-rings with reciprocating, rotating and helical movements (dynamic application). O-rings are used in many sectors, such as the fields of hydraulics, pneumatics, vacuum applications, the fittings industry, the automotive industry and in plant and mechanical engineering.
The hardness of the O-ring material selected depends on the pressure, gap widths, type of sealing (static/dynamic) and the surface quality of the machine parts. For standard applications we recommend a material hardness of 70 Shore A.